Journey Students


JRNY Jr. High Church (Sundays)

Grades 6, 7, and 8s meet every Sunday morning when our students are released from service. They will engage in activities, and with teaching that will develop their biblical literacy, and build great connections with leaders, and peers.

Every week will have a challenge, so be sure to bring a bible, a friend or two, and some $$$ for offering + a sweet treat. 

JRNY Tweens

Grades 4-6s meet the second and fourth Friday nights of the Month from 7pm to 930pm for a themed party and service!

Every event we have is an opportunity designed for students to make friends and connections with our leaders before they join the youth ministry in grade 7.

Bring a friend, and all your energy! We can’t wait to party with you!

JRNY Youth

Grades 7-12s meet every Friday night from 630pm to 10pm for  service, games, and hangs in the main sanctuary at Journey Church. Each week we will engage your student in dialogue about faith and culture, and provide them with tools to live as disciplined followers of Jesus’ teachings.

Visit our webpage for more info: 


Are you a young adult interested in connecting at Journey Church?

Email Pastor Calvin Forbes to grab a coffee, and see where you will connect best in the church!


Events Hosted by Ben Watts, Abel John, Erica Johnson

Dates: Sept. 8 / Sept. 22 / Oct. 6 / Oct. 20 / Nov. 3 / Nov. 17 / Dec. 1 / Dec. 15 

Location:  Alternates between facilitators houses (all in the NW Calgary) - Location will be

posted before the event. 

Contact: Ben: 403.383.1892, Abel: 403.540.3957,  Erica: 587.228.8004

Cost: Differs per event. Updates will be sent out a week before the event.  Cost ranges from $2 - $5