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Journey Kids is here to create an environment where children from birth to grade 6 can find a place to belong and grow in their relationship with God. Our classes are staffed with adults and high school students who will help provide a fun, safe, and Jesus-centred experience for your kids.



Services at Journey Church start with someone welcoming you and feel just like you’re at home.  A casual friendly atmosphere and a nice beverage is waiting your arrival.  Next, as you enter the auditorium you’ll find our worship team singing some contemporary songs followed by a thought provoking and engaging message based on the Bible that you’ll find interesting regardless of where you’re at on your faith journey.

If you’re coming as a guest why not check us out online first so you get a good idea of what the service is like before showing up.



Your kids are invited to join us for fun teaching through relevant Bible lessons that will engage their senses and their personal faith development. We’ve got something for all ages because we believe in the Next Generation.


What Should I Wear?

That’s up to you, but whatever you feel comfortable in is your choice.  We want you to know that going church isn’t about how you look.

Will I Be Asked To Give Money?

We share vision and talk about money each week because it plays an important role in our lives.  If you’re new don’t feel obligated to give, but we do ask people who call Journey Church their home to partner with us financially.  We’ve taken the awkwardness out of giving and made giving simple and don’t worry we don’t pass the collection plate around!

How Long Is A Service?

You can expect to be with us for 60-75 minutes from start to finish.  Of course, that depends if you like to chat with people or want to grab a coffee.

Do I Have To Be A Christian To Attend?

We are a Christian church, but you do not have to be a Christian to attend.  We want to encourage you to meet people so that you can ask questions about faith in Jesus.

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